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Meet Owinda 

March 7, 2016

Welcome to the Owinda blog. You’ll find updates from the team at Owinda about new features, tips and in-depth information about our search, postings about how we work and a glimpse inside our search factory.

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Owinda: A new way to search online

We started developing Owinda back in 2014 with the belief that humans can play a crucial role in the development of great search results. Today, we are excited to announce the launch of our US version, at Owinda.com.

Owinda combines automated searches with large-scale editorial curation, giving the search results a distinct human perspective.

Owinda displays human-powered results visually in ranked categories. These ‘dashboards’ are curated sets of websites oriented toward a particular topic. For example, search for ‘photos’ and Owinda will provide results from top-quality sites in various relevant categories.

Faster than any other search engine, Owinda starts to show human-crafted results as you type, instantly and from the very first letter. If no human results are available, you can press ‘enter’ to get automated search results instead. Owinda already delivers human-selected results for millions of search queries, and the number of keywords covered is increasing by the day. 

We are convinced that the input of people with intimate knowledge of online content enriches the search experience. We aim to aggregate that process on a totally new scale.

Owinda is also completely optimized for viewing on mobile devices. Just head to owinda.com on your mobile browser to get Owinda on the go. Right now, Owinda is focused on the top English search terms and delivers US-targeted search results only.

We hope you enjoy using our new search engine. Try a search and discover more.

The Owinda Team