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Press Center

Media inquiry? Please send an e-mail to press@owinda.com.

Logos & Images

We collected images, which you can download individually. These images are free to use when talking or writing about Owinda.

Guidelines for usage:

- Use these images only when you write about Owinda
- Attribute Owinda for the image
- Don’t use the images to advertise or promote products other than Owinda

Owinda logo on transparant background:

Owinda Logo Black

Owinda logo on colored background:

Owinda Logo White

Owinda Results Page:

Owinda Search Results Page

Owinda icons:

Owinda Icon Black      Owinda Icon White

Image Explainer:

Owinda Image Explainer

Screenshot 1

Owinda Mockup Homepage

Screenshot 2

Screenshot 3

Owinda Mockup Homepage 2

Screenshot 4



If you have another idea in mind that doesn’t meet the requirements above, please send an e-mail to press@owinda.com.

Press Releases

March 7, 2016: "Owinda launches human-powered search engine"